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Thursday, 29 January 2009


For our christmas project we were asked to take a self-portrait in the style of someone from history who inspires us.

I chose the X-PM Baroness Magaret Thatcher

Although i wont be defending her politics it's pretty fucking cool that for 11 years ('79 - '90) she was was the ruler of this country.

That combined with the fact that an increasing number of good friends have given me the nickname Maggie Thatcher (Margot ~ Margret ~ Maggie) we've grown to have an unspoken understanding.

MASSIVE thankyou to the Photography Department who selected my piece as the Best in Year and for the really really great Canon G10 and bottle of champagne i was awarded - expect much more & and much better photography in the future!
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Thursday, 22 January 2009



Frutiger was designed by Adrian Frutiger for the Charles Des Gaulle Airport in 1975. The typeface is designed to be see from a distance and at speed. 

The work beneath was created in response to both the function, history & design. 

The paper planes reference both the original function of typeface as well as echoing the high design level, it does its job extremly well with out you even knowing it, and shapes you see within the individual letters.

climate rush II

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

climate rush

This monday 12th jan, Climate Rush are holding January's best party;

The Heathrow Picnic Protest - starts at 7pm and is aimed at calling an end to heathrow's 3 terminal which will be used for UK and short haul flights.
even though like everyone else I'm into a cheap flight away but 2009 is the year we need a new approach to this in a new way

top is a final design for a design i'm either screenprinting (to fabric) or photocopying on to massive sheets of paper to be worn at the event

check out for details on the 12th 

and this to understand what the fuck is going on in a non-boring but scientifically accurate way