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Tuesday, 24 March 2009


ok so april 1st is Fossil Fools day and is part of the huge marches going on through out London to mark the G20 meeting taking place that week.
Its is going to be really really fantasic everyone who can should come down and take part in the marches because the number are going to massive and the opportunity to stand up and be counted on this level is not to be missed.

Links with more info on wednesdays plans:

But basically get down to liverpool st station for 12 noon and then onto Climate Camp in the city at the European Climate Exchange , 62 Bishops gate

above is a quick tee-shirt / placard design about having a low carbon future - but im gonna do some more stuff.....

Monday, 16 March 2009

Thursday, 12 March 2009


FAST FOOD is a 10 sec movie me and my friend Andrew made about how people think bendy buses are annoying , we took the buses normal horizontal action and turned it into a vertical one so the buses FLY!

during the film the busses get eaten by the Mcdonalds with this we wanted to convey how animalistic city life can be and also to put a perspective on the lind things that city dwellers consider problems.

sort of like - if you think a bendy bus is annoying - imagine what it would be like to live in fear of being eaten all the time!



We were asked to create a 48 sheet (thoes are the big horizontal billboards) campaign for something we hated with the aim encouraging the public to join us in our hate!

I chose Vodafone after spending two hellish weeks chasing up my new blackberry.
basically they dont care about you as long as you're on hold ( 0845 customer care number are like 80p a min ) or paying you're extortionate line rental


For our term 2 typography project we took a collection of unpublished short stories and mocked them up as a Penguin collection.

For the cover I chose an image from the snow days we had in February with the multiple footprints alluding to the numerous voices in the collection.