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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

I Love America & America Loves Me - Live

i love America & America loves me from margot bowman on Vimeo.

Jeff & Busta

Has no one told us that Busta and Jeff Koons were secretly creative partners in crime?
We're conditioned to love shiny bright things and it totally works for me - especially with the sinister
undertones in the music and the super fakeness in JK's work.


It's so much fun

I remember having to read this at school & being so shocked that there were words like this in books,
and that the best thing about self producing - no one can tell you what to do !

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Drawing during "Margot At The Wedding"

Didn't think the movie was that great though,

I much much much prefer Margot in the Royal Tennanbaums


these are the things ive been pulling on to my desktop . . .


marc jacobs s/s 10 

i love the these - the second one especially - like a drawing around the girl


Thursday, 3 September 2009

Cool Mother

Canal & Broadway, New York 

You can't argue with attitude

and he made all the jewlery himself ( Saved By the Bell is obviously the best )

New Favorite Band

Graffiti Island

so good

so good 

so so so good

and theyre artwork is good too, plus they sing about wanting waistcoats made out of dead mens skins, soooo up my street

best thing is i just found out they're English - check this out too 

Home Of The Free

i love this house, and this was kind of my favorite thing about America, there are just loads and loads of stories waiting to be unearthed,

the idea of this dormant house with it's flag and lonely business card just invites so so much imagination on to itself.


Kind of Amazing

This can go down with the 'PussyHam' graffitti 

I will not deny my baser sense of visual humor  . . .