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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Eye can see you

Eye-mazing nails done by the fantastic girls at WAH!
Think i'll have to re-budget my self for the next few months and make sure i can factor this in a bit more often

Find the team on the Kingsland Road in Dalston or for one week only at the Selfridges beauty hall.

Sunday, 25 October 2009


Taking Advice

Massive Attack - Psyche (Flash Treatment)
Splitting the Atom EP - 2009

My dear friend Jessie loves Massive Attack and she told me so many times how great they are - but i sort of didn't pay any attention till i heard this, and now i'm all spellbound.


Joy Division - Atmosphere
Anton Corbijn - 1988

So maybe the ending is a bit odd but the aesthetic and visual simplicity of
this video is amazing.
Also i love that it looks as if they shot it on the edge of the world & the moving grass on the hills
Those are really magical details.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Seeing the Light

This is for our CSM Radio brief , where we were asked to make this audible visual
which is a lot harder than it sounds

I chose the interview between
the fucking incredible Tamsin Omond ( Climate Rush ) & Jenny Murray ( BBC4 ).

Above is working progess and the final poster
that im going show at THE HOW this friday
- come down and check it out in the flesh

being forward thinking, is always a great look !

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Tiger ; £34.99

Red Panda ; £34.99

The fantastic Damian & Avigale put me on to this - they're super awesome - this tip off is one of MANY reasons for that,

but basically they're LIFE SIZE, super-comfy animal customes - but heres what the site says,

The word ‘Kigu’ is short for ‘kigurumi’, which literally translates as ‘costumed animal character’ in Japanese. Kigurumi are already hugely popular in Japan, where they are worn as both streetwear and pyjamas, but they’ve never been sold outside Asia before. Kigu is proud to be the first and only company to bring these amazing animal suits to Europe.

wearing them on road . . . i think thats the best idea ever

to find out more and obviously buy one,

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Seeing the world a bit differently

Stained glass window made from the left over quality street wrappers we had for dianas birthday.

Was very impressed at my carfty-ness.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Follow THE HOW

find us at


cant - wait - for - party - time


so me and Bip have a NEW PARTY . . .

starting on the 23rd of October at the Macbeth were bringing Mod music & Modern music face to face with THE HOW


6pm - 9pm: The Art of Modern Life
exhibition of the way we see modern life

9pm - 12pm: Mod Music
60's Nothern Soul, Beat Music, Ska

12pm - 2am: Modern Music
Electro, Dubstep


Flash Louis
Stunners International
Ital Sound System
Bip Ling
Margot Bowman

FREE 6-9pm

£3 9pm - 2am

Friday 23rd October 2009 at The Macbeth 70 Hoxton Street N1 6LP

See you there !