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Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Tiger ; £34.99

Red Panda ; £34.99

The fantastic Damian & Avigale put me on to this - they're super awesome - this tip off is one of MANY reasons for that,

but basically they're LIFE SIZE, super-comfy animal customes - but heres what the site says,

The word ‘Kigu’ is short for ‘kigurumi’, which literally translates as ‘costumed animal character’ in Japanese. Kigurumi are already hugely popular in Japan, where they are worn as both streetwear and pyjamas, but they’ve never been sold outside Asia before. Kigu is proud to be the first and only company to bring these amazing animal suits to Europe.

wearing them on road . . . i think thats the best idea ever

to find out more and obviously buy one,